Wednesday 08 March 2017

Éso- Interior Design & Architecture

Interior design and architecture not only define urban landscape and the aesthetic of the spaces that surround us. Most importantly, they contribute to the quality of our everyday life.

Every year Éso brings together some of the most important names from these two fields (from Greece and abroad), in order to present their work, their methodologies, thoughts, and ideas. An inspiring event for all those involved, it is a platform that enables contact and discussion with their colleagues and the broader public.

This year’s event will feature eight presentations on various aspects of the topic by Zaha Hadid Architects (Zeta Kotsioni & Dimitris Kolonis), Urban Soul Project (Tasos Georgantzis), Bllend Design Office (Eleni Brasinika), Dimitris Papazoglou, Elastic Architects (Ria Vogiatzi), Potiropoulos Architects (Dimitris Potiropoulos), RC TECH (Giannis Douridas) and GFRA (Joost Frijda).

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