Saturday 05 December 2015

Available Light

Three legends of the American avant-garde- the composer John Adams, the choreographer Lucinda Childs and the architect Frank Gehry- have come to the OCC from December 5th until December 7th 2015, 20:30 to restage a seminal work which set its seal on their first and only collaboration, back in 1983.
Borne of an era much taken with experimental collaborations between star artists, Available Light reveals the individual artistry of its three creators but also the shared aesthetic that was common to their experimental approaches.
Lucinda Childs, whose Greek debut this is, is a living legend of modern dance. John Adams, the award-winning post-minimalist composer, is equally at home with electronic music and chamber works, soundtracks and contemporary operas. The architectural star Frank Gehry, well-known for Bilbao’s emblematic Guggenheim Museum, returns here to his childhood love for industrial materials and simple, functional constructions.

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