A short story
May 14th 2011
our first serious attempt in wine nights, in the short but dense history of Klimax.
The Karipides wines, our friend and visualizer Pantelis’ “children”, were accompanied by recipies of homemade pasta Adamantina, and raw ingredients from Ergon. The truth is we were unaware of this trip’s finish line - and we still are.
But a photo, taken the particular night from the ideal distance and with the appropriate lighting, was a glimpse, a moment that in top speed went forward in time and returned still to its place. We could say that the vision preexisted within us, however the grim reality and the serious setbacks to handle an unfair cohabitation with the “hotel owner” above us, would not allow a field of action to develop our visions. But after all, maybe we had to go through a difficult, full of obstacles path in order to reach the moment here before you, and invite you in our team.
The location
hard to find a better one.
Every day here, we risk forgetting certain moments – how blessed we feel, all the responsibility we bare to offer the equivalent, if we may say so.
A pitch dark carcass of a building, from a golden time of the country’s past - after the end of the civil war - that happened to come in our hands and were obliged to revive.
To fill it with fellow citizens with innovative cultural ideas, to present a different mentality, not one of lingering and stagnating in sureness, but of quest, research and offering.
For us, for all of us, it is the vision that will die last,
in the true essence of the word,
interaction and high motivation,
for the new and pure.
Thank you….