Saturday 19 November 2016

Opera Chaotique interview in Linto

Editor: Gogo Dimopoulou
G.D.: Every time you are asked, you give a different answer about how you have met and I am very eager to hear the next one. So, how have you two met?
Opera Chaotique: It was in a little bar, the so called Orfue Negro; at Kerameikos on February 5th 2011 where a mutual friend of ours, the Colombian director/ actor/ producer Federico Nieto el Gazi, had invited Tenoroman to a live with New Orleans music. Christos Koutsogiannis aka Voodoo Drummer was playing in the band. After the event, Giorgos Tzouvaras aka Tenoroman played solo on the piano for 15 min some of his own comic/ dramatic acts, and that was it- they met each other. This is the first time we tell the true story and that is because you have asked for something different. Then on we got lost in the space vortex.
G.D.: How do you each time decide what to go for music-wise?
Opera Chaotique: We consult our female fans. They know better. Then we take it under consideration and we go with what attracts us most.
G.D.: Do you follow a standard procedure when you write your script?
Opera Chaotique: It is a procedure that takes a long time. We write then rewrite, rehearse, then change everything; we see it in our dreams and then wake up in the middle of the night and write it over again. It is a non-standard procedure. In essence, it is not a procedure. It is a way of life- it just happens.
G.D.: Your verse often refers to outcasts. What is it that attracts you to that dark side?
Opera Chaotique: It is clear that outcasts are more interesting. Their lives, along with their work of course, have promoted their legend. Such people are bound to give more material to draw from, compared to the settled, married ones. Maybe we ourselves are also such dark personalities, who knows? Let’s not disclose everything just yet.
G.D: There are many people who are reluctant when listening to you for the first time. What do you believe is it that happens between you and them and you finally win them over?
Opera Chaotique: It is quite normal to be reluctant when coming up against something they may not understand till they actually see it, or something that the Internet does not offer them with a clear understanding of, or something that seems weird or mysterious. Normally, they are won over by our originality, the fact that they are witnessing something they have not seen before, even if some parts are not of their aesthetics or their taste. We speak our truth and we share smiles in an uncommon way.
G.D.: Who do you consider a demanding audience?
Opera Chaotique: You know, everyone thinks the audience of their city or region as a demanding one. We have come to the conclusion that every audience is theoretically demanding, but practically this is not a bad thing, in that whoever has bought a ticket wants to be satisfied by the performance and mere trying just isn’t enough. On the other hand, there may be those who expect something completely different. What we offer is lots of energy, all of our passion and something different (than the usual).
G.D.: We would like you to tell us about your new project, "5 Years of Failure".
Opera Chaotique: It is a tribute to all the failures and difficulties encountered by great artists that we admire, who in spite of the times and of those who supported the opposite, persisted on their art and were justified, whether after death or while still living. It is a self-sarcastic performance also including our own failures. Music-wise we cover various genres; metal for the first time and of course our own both new and older songs.
G.D.: Thank you for your time and we hope we see you soon up on Linto Stage again.
Opera Chaotique: Thank you too. It has been a wonderful experience and we shall be back soon as long as the Larissa audience wants us back.

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