Thursday 02 February 2017

6th Athens International Digital Film Festival

The 6th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF will be held in Athens from 2 to 8 of February 2017. More than 150 films will be screened during the festival, more than 30 countries will participate, and for at least 60 films it will be their Premiere, as many directors chose this festival for their film ’s most important screening. The festival includes all typical categories of New Cinema such as short and feature fiction films, video art, video dance, experimental, animation, short and feature documentaries. The festival’s exclusive partnership with the British MMBF Trust goes on. Thus a special prize awaits the winning films, titled “Rising Star Award”. This special prize is supported and provided by the British MMBF Trust, which is an international fund set up to support young people with an interest to follow a career in the film industry. The “Best Director” award will be granted to the winner by the Greek Directors’ Guild. Another important prize goes to a director chosen by the Festival’s Jury Committee and it will be supported by ALKYONIS New Star Art Cinema ensuring distribution for three of the winner’s films.

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