Friday 30 October 2015

InMute '15

For its third consecutive year, international InMute festival explores the uncharted space between film and recent innovative trends in sound art and the experimental music scene worldwide.
The third edition of InMute Festival proposes yet another series of unique encounters and dialogues between sound and the moving image, in a three-day programme whose dominant elements are improvisation, live performance and the interplay between analogue and digital, the arranged and the accidental.
English avant-garde filmmaker Greg Pope and the american film experimentalist Paul Clipson will be presenting live 16mm films, especially prepared for projections with live music.
Greek artists will present their own approach to the topic “sound and the moving image”, while, in parallel, the festival retains a constant reference to the Silent Movie era masterpieces, with screenings of movies such as Sunrise (1927) by German W.F. Murnau or French filmmaker Germaine Dulac’s La Coquille et le Clergyman (1928).
Like every year, the artistic programme will be accompanied by additional activities, including workshops, lectures, an installation and a children’s workshop-presentation.
Friday 30 October: Cipher Screen (Greg Pope, 2010)
Saturday 31 October: Lot in Sodom (James Sibley Watson, 1933)
Sunday 1 November: [2012] (Makino Takashi, 2013)
Friday 30 October- Sunday 1 November (Parking -9): The Visitors (Lawrence English, 2013)
Parallel Events:
Saturday 31 October: Speech/ Presentation by Greg Pope
Sunday 1 ╬Łovember: Workshop by Makino Takashi
Saturdays 24 and 31 October: Workshop for Children (workshop presentation: Sunday 1 November)

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