Who does the organisation address to?

To anyone without exception, with no restrictions on age, interests, studies and occupation. The main “qualification” for someone to be a member or a friend of Linto Organisation is the seeking of experiences and situations which develop their personality as well as their everyday life.

Why should someone become a member?

The members of our organisation have an opportunity to experience true and essential communication and development. Alongside, they can find a field of skill and proposal application to a wider audience, without worrying over the financial maintenance of an equivalent commercial use.

ΤWhat will be taking place in its venues?

Events, educational programmes, seminars, speeches, meetings and performances. All the above, after consulting the Managers and The Board of the Organisation, will get the approval and the support for their implementation.

Is it a venue where I can meet with my clients?

Of course it is. With the possibility of a private meeting, if requested. The beforehand informing and preparation for the upcoming meeting is a prerequisite.

Will I be able to borrow books from your library?

No. The library does not operate as a lending one. The existing publications are offered to members for reading and studying within the venue.

Are there rules within the venue?

The basic rules that apply in the venue are no others than those concerning the smooth operation and decency that also exist in respective areas internationally. In other words, smoking is forbidden indoors, we look after and properly use the logistics equipment, we always try to converse quietly not to disturb those around us.

May I reserve your venue?

Yes, this is a possibility on specific dates and time, but also for specific purpose and always after consulting the administrators.

Can I suggest a particular event I have come up with and may suit the venue?

Yes, of course we are open to suggestions that concern culture, science and entrepreneurship.

When can I visit your venue in order to be informed up close and see if it meets my expectations?

The secretariat of our Organisation operates on all working days and hours. Moreover, once a month, we invite you to come and experience the so called free-day - a whole day with “open doors” for anyone interested, as well as the friends of our Organisation.

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