Friday 16 December 2016

3rd Larissa Developers Meetup

In this Meetup, we will explore Code Quality and Technical Debt. We will discuss about their effect on code maintainability and software stability and we will discover tools that can help us monitor the quality of our software throughout its lifecycle. 

Guest Speaker: Patroklos Papapetrou from Thessaloniki.  
Next to that, we will dive into Software Security, focusing on common vulnerabilities, best practices and tools we can use to locate and fix vulnerabilities.

1. Technical Debt & The Code Quality Factors
Speaker: Patroklos Papapetrou

Patroklos will explain in simple words what is technical debt and how it affects the long-liveliness, maintainability and stability of a software system. The session structure will go more ore less like this:

• Introduction to Technical Debt and its flavors  
• Expressing and computing Technical Debt  
• Comparison of tools for Technical Debt computation 

Patroklos is a software architect, addicted to software quality and an Agile Team Leader with more than 15 years of experience in Software Development. He believes and invests in people and team spirit seeking quality excellence. 

He’s one of the authors of SonarQube In Action book! He treats software systems as flowers that’s why he prefers calling himself a software gardener. He's an occasional speaker giving talks about clean code, code quality and software gardening. 

Finally, Patroklos was one of the key organisers of the very successful Thessaloniki Voxxed Days Conference in October 2016!
2. Software Security: Best Practices and Auditing Tools 
Speaker: Dimi Balaouras 
Linto Organisation/ Level B
Friday December 16, 2016
Time: 19:00

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