Friday 13 February 2015

Τhe Pelican’s Shift

A small community in Santorini has a unique duty: that of the protection of the traditional growing of the vine. The question that rises is that of determining the tradition, the true love and the role of God in all this. A number of opposing views are fermented along with the vines to reach, just like the grapes, the local wineries. Despite the obstacles, the community has achieved the harmonious coexistence through a commonly accepted fact: that of making and drinking wine.
About the project
"The Pelican’s Shift" is the award-winning documentary by the Greek/Danish filmmaker Lea Binzer. It deals with the life and the vines on Santorini as the lens follows two growers and a winemaker in the course of an annual cycle of work in the vineyard and the winery. In the documentary, the viewer will follow the daily life on the island, the one that is usually in the shadows of the tourist myth, rather not the cosmopolitan Caldera.
The Santorini vineyard is the oldest in Europe and counts some life millennia; however it tends to disappear at the altar of easy money offered by tourism. The protagonists, though each having a different approach to work issues, have common enemies and allies. They are faced with adversities because of the financial crisis, but also with obstacles and pressures from their small world. The gradual disappearance of the vineyard and the traditional growing are a nightmare for all three professionals. In the end, the community manages to coexist harmoniously.
The movie was written and directed by Lea Binzer, a co-producer is the renowned and prolific wine critic and author Nikos Manesis, who will introduce the viewing.
Time: 21.30
The film lasts 67 minutes and the admission is € 5.
An evening event will follow on Level A.
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