Monday 25 May 2015


Fotis Vergopoulos: bouzouki, vocals
Yannis Zarias: violin, baglama
Kostis Kostakis: guitar, vocals
Avgerini Gatsi: accordion, vocals
The music band Rebetien consists of four talented young musicians who sing songs from the Rebetiko and Smyrna songs, from Greek folk music but also their own new compositions.
A characteristic feature of their song music is the attempt to impart a music tradition, starting from the urban song, as it is reflected in the first Greek gramophone discs and its extensions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region of the Balkans.
The emphasis put on the natural sound of the instruments and to the selective repertoire, travels through space and time and has to do with the musical sounds of the interwar period. The willingness to experiment on the composition and orchestration is a special music proposal that introduces the listener to a different aesthetic approach of already familiar sounds.
The wide range of repertoire and expressive prowess of the musicians is combined with the intelligent and immediate response to every circumstantial call so they are capable of altering the musical environment from atmospheric and nostalgic to utterly dynamic and fun.
The band has participated in various music stages and festivals both in Greece and abroad and appears weekly in music venues in Athens and the Greek province.