Tuesday 18 August 2015

"The Body, The Human One"

The human body in art
A multidimensional event that primarily includes, one mini lecture, an open discussion, with questions and feedback from the audience on the (human) body and on how it has been represented in art and in society during different eras, will take place on Linto Rooftop. The speaker of the event is Elias Kourkoutas, Psychology Professor, University of Crete.
The discussion/lecture will mainly focus on how the body is experienced in all its dimensions, from people themselves in the collective and social unconscious, but also in their daily lives, what it means for our physical and mental status, for our organic and psychosocial balance, how it is formed as a symbolic self-image and as a link to the material/social reality, how it is used in public discourse of the dominant ethic, how it is alienated by the various political and theological officials, how it is forced as a life practice and becomes a tool for management, control and repression.
There will also be references to various developmental and age phases, in how a child’s body is experienced by them or their mother, how it evolves, comes of age, how it becomes an adolescent body, sex body, and what this means for the family.
Moreover, references to the weak, psychosomatic body, the anorexic body and what this means for the teenager, to the modern narcissistic body and the omnipotence of the image, to the "asexual" body and how it now reshapes from a commercial advertising body to a super-sexual object, when real pleasure and enjoyment are normally absent and the cult of external seduction or spell prevail, but also to the modern medicinal body, the toxic, conditioned one and finally the healthy body.
All these modern depictions, impositions in the picture/representation and experience of the body consist the new forms of control, but also transformation /clothing of people themselves and how they experience the physical self in their privacy, and also the social image of their body/ self.