Friday 22 May 2015

"Designing public spaces"

Linto Organisation, continuing the cycle of open-lectures/discussions and presentations, hosts the acclaimed and award-winning, Larisian, architect Theofanis Bobotis. It concerns a series of contacts and acquaintances with the work and philosophy of important artists and personalities, which aim to approach and educate on issues related to all of us and affect our daily lives.
The public space, whether outdoors or in the form of a building, has been one of the basic elements of civilization development. Markets, squares, churches, educational buildings, airports and museums are places where people of different ages, of different economic opportunities and perceptions, and of different educational backgrounds meet.
The concept of the public space has already been introduced in the design parameters of the first settlements as necessary to meet the social activities, through which social structures and culture have evolved.
The event will be hosted on the landscaped green Linto Rooftop, and it will be assisted by projected images/examples and projections, followed by a relaxed discussion and cocktail options. Participation in the speech is free, but the limited number of attendees requires making reservations as soon as possible.
About Theofanis Bobotis.
He studied at the Architecture School of Venice.
He has created the Bobotis Architect Consultancy. He has designed and directed great complex architectural projects in Greece and abroad, such as airports, museums, sports facilities, office buildings, banks buildings, convention centers, shopping centers, educational facilities, industrial facilities, transportation facilities, settlements and mega Yachts to name a few.
Many of his works have been published in Greek and foreign newspapers and magazines in France, Italy, Korea, Argentina, Japan, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey and more.
The magazine World Architectural and the Japanese publishing house TOTO have included him among the 300 and 581 architects to watch in the world, respectively.
He has been awarded in domestic and international architectural competitions and his works have been exhibited in various architectural exhibitions. He has lectured at universities in Greece and abroad.
Some of his projects include:
Freight Thriasio Station
Remodeling of the Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos
New Archaeological Museum of Patras
Freight Station in Trento, Italy
New Archaeological Museum of Chania
4,500 housing area in Bucharest
Shop and Office Building in Alexandria, Egypt
Reorganization of Argos center
A kindergarten complex in Kazakhstan
Museum Support Building, in St. Petersburg, Russia
Village Cinemas
Piraeus Bank Cultural Foundation Registry Building
Panionios football stadium
A New Harbor in Doha, Qatar