Monday 21 September 2015


An evening dedicated to World Street Jazz Music, with the band Brasilentina is what Larissa citizens will have the opportunity to enjoy before the Ancient Theatre of Larissa, at Klimax. The concert will take place on Tuesday, September 22 at 8 pm and there will be free entrance.
Brasilentina is a group of musicians, dedicated to the music of Brazil and Argentina. Its repertoire ranges from the nostalgia of Brazilian Choros in the early 20th century and the Bossa Nova, to the introversion and eroticism of the Argentine tango, waltz and Milonga to reach the dance rhythms of samba.
The band to appear in Larissa consists of the members:
Antonia Visvikis- vocals
Asteris Tsetsilas- vocals
Costas Tamvakos- cavaquinho
Peter Pappas- flute
George Agelakis- trombone
Spyros Kavalieratos- guitar
Michalis Sapountzis- bass
Yannis Tryferoulis- percussion
Yannis Makrygiannis- percussion