Thursday 22 December 2016

Dimitris Maramis: Erotokritos - Dark Love

The acclaimed composer Dimitris Maramis presents two important song-cycles with two young talented performers, Eleni Dimopoulou and Vasilis Kourtis at Linto, on Thursday 22 December, 2016 at 21:00.
Prestigious music critics deem "Dark Love" a classic work, characterized by inspired melodies. The album "Dark Love", performing the tenor Mario Frangoulis, has traveled in plenty music scenes worldwide and is a fix on the tenor’s repertoire. A part of Dark Love was performed by Maria Farantouri along with the Greek-American soprano Lina Orfanos in the album "Ay Amor". It was also re-released as a children’s book and a CD entitled Federico’s Magic World, performing Theodoros Voutsikakis and was awarded the best book/CD, ibBy. It has received raving reviews.
The "Dark Love" song cycle was inspired by Sonnets of "Dark Love", Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca’s swansong. A common theme of those poems is the mystical and sometimes tragic side of the universal feeling called love. Poems of “incredible beauty” as Pablo Neruda characterized them. In those poems love is described with such ethereal and at the same time earthy tones so that never before in contemporary art have passion and loss, happiness and bereavement, flesh and the sky blended so congenially.
"Erotokritos" by Maramis bares vocabulary similar to that of a musical, with references to jazz music and the blues, but also the Cretan music tradition which it draws much from. His work is based on the metrical poetic novel by Vitsentzos Kornaros maintaining the original verse and the renaissance structure. It mostly focuses on the timeless aspects of Erotokritos and Aretousas’ love story, the malady that lust is, and the couple’s adventures.
Dimitris Maramis was born in Athens. He got a scholarship to study the piano and music composition at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Great Britain. He has released 7 personal albums and has written the music for 40 theatre plays, the cinema and the educational television. His music has been introduced abroad- at the USA, Britain, Spain and Switzerland. Moreover he has been awarded for his theater compositions. He often works with the National Theater of Greece, the National Theater of Northern Greece, the Free Theater, the Concert Hall in Athens and the one in Thessaloniki, the Onassis Cultural Center, the Camerata- Greek National Opera (Alternative/ Niarchos Stage).
Vasilis Kourtis was born in Larissa. He began studying classical singing and piano with Katerina Oikonomou. He attended musical drama classes at the Arts Educational Schools London in Britain. He has also attended a master class in singing with Tamara Novichenko in Milan. He has worked for the Camerata- Greek National Opera, and also worked on the musical West Side Story with the conductor George Petrou and on the Beatles Tribute project with the conductor Nikos Platirachos for the Athens Concert Hall. He has also worked with the renowned composers Nikos Xidakis, Louis Anogia, Dimitris Maramis and the tenor Mario Frangoulis.
Eleni Dimopoulou was born in Thessaloniki. She has graduated from the Political Sciences School of the Aristotle University. She has studied classical singing next to Thaleia Mauridou. Also, she has been a member of the Thermi Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra and has attended drama and theater seminars. As a soloist she has worked with the Thermi Philharmonic Youth Choir, the Thermi Municipal Choir, the Music College Orchestra and Choir, as well as with the Arion Symphonic Orchestra of the Music Horizons Conservatory in Serres. Finally, she has been a soloist at the 17th Sindos Youth Orchestras International Festival and has worked with Yiannis Parios for the Thessaloniki Concert Hall in 2014.
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Thursday December 22, 2016
Time: 21:00
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