Tuesday 15 September 2015

Chardonnay in Greece

Shortly before autumn is here for good we have decided to taste together one of the most popular white wine varieties in the world.
It comes from the glamorous Burgundy, which up to nowadays shows the whole world the true potential of the particular variety, since the big, white Burgundies are unsurpassed, exemplary combining richness and complexity with finesse. Besides, these are precisely the characteristics that make Chardonnay so popular with consumers but also with wine producers around the world.
In Greece it was first planted in the early 90's from northern Greece to Crete.
The variety in our country offers characteristics representative of hot climates, meaning, high alcoholic titles, lower acidity, a rich body and fresh citrus and exotic fruit aromas.
We have decided to taste and compare 10 of the most remarkable Chardonnay of our country and to “wed” them with seafood and aged yellow cheese from the Aegean and Epirus.
The Fanari (Lantern), the new effort of Aris Fragos in Greek land products will gastronomically endorse the event.
Wine List

1.Logos/ Zafirakis Winery
2.Milea/ L. Karipides Winery
3.Armyra/ Skouras Winery
4.Marmarias/ Tselepou Winery
5. Oak Idysma/ Wine Art
6.Palaiomylos/ Zafeirakis Winery
7.Chardonnay/ Karipides Winery
8.Chardonnay/ Kikones Winery
9.Chardonnay/ Katsaros Winery
10.Chardonnay/ Gerovasileiou Winery
Linto Organisation/ Level C
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Time: 21:30
Reservations/ Info: 2410532693 & info@linto.gr