Saturday 17 December 2016

Night Local Wine V featuring Dimitris Angelakis Trio

The annual celebration of the local wine makers becomes even more festive. The celebrations start a week prior to the Klimax birthday, on 24 December. The local wineries will present new wines but also old favourite ones at a street party featuring Dimitris Angelakis Jazz Trio. Delicacies, local cheese, wine and music will be waiting for you on the pedestrian zone from 9pm.
Dimitris Angelakis Jazz Trio was form in Athens in February 2014. From then on they have appeared in various music scenes in Greece. Their main characteristic is that their sound is based on the vibraphone, a rather unusual instrument but still rich in timber. The idea for the band came from the vibraphonist Dimitris Angelakis after completing his studies in the U.S. where, along Dimitris Klonis (drums) and Pericles Trivolis (contrabass), they realised the need for a band based in Greece so that a mutual dream that is jazz music can come true.  Their compositions are mostly original while there are references to similar musical genres such as funk and Latin music, creating a special music idiom that is characterized by improvisation.
You are welcome! 
Saturday December 17, 2016
Time: 21:00
Info: 2410 532693