Friday 18 November 2016

Opera Chaotique - "5 years of Failures"

On Friday 18 & Saturday 19 of Noevmber 2016 at 21.30 , Opera Chaotique will be on Linto stage with new scripts, new covers and choices among their worst of songs!!! Every new artist faces difficulties, problems and failures at the beginning of their career, something that suits Opera Chaotique as this is the only thing they have in common. A show dedicated to Failures, both of their own and of the people that inspire them.
An eccentric duet with an unexpectedly subversive humor, a totally surreal imagination and explosive musical alchemies, Opera Chaotique have managed in less than five years time to place themselves on the map as an absolutely unique phenomenon of the music scene. This special duet that ostentatiously trespasses the lines between opera, jazz, cabaret and pop music was formed in 2011 by the Tenorman (vocals/narration and piano) and the Voodoo Drummer (drums), and immediately stood out for its one-of-a-kind music style, its unique aesthetics and its sweeping stage performance.
Surreal Stories
On their live performances Opera Chaotique, other than their own musical compositions, also bring forth their craze. Arias that culminate in punk screams, jazz melodies that pulsate to the beat of African percussion, tender fairytales that are transformed into dark nightmares… Theatrical improvisations, poetry set to music, original compositions and crazy tweaked covers... Marquis de Sade chatting with Charles Bukowski, while the Phantom of the Opera travels to New Orleans ... Each Opera Chaotique concert is an unprecedented musical experience, a delightfully chaotic performance and a surreal journey to places and times that anything is possible.
George Tziouvaras (Tenorman) - Vocals, Narration, Piano
Christos Koutsogiannis (Voodoo Drummer) – Drums
Also on Stage – Different guest every time
Performances in Greece…
Opera Chaotique have been around Greece and have performed in significant hotspots such as Faust, Sani Festival, Badminton, Half Note Jazz Club, Milos and Rockwave Festival, and have cooperated with important artists (D.Savvopoulos, L. Machairitsas).
…and abroad
They have early in their career managed to cross the narrow music borders of their country and appear in 12 great European cities and in two Asian ones. Their tour program has now fixed shows in historical theatres, clubs and festivals like in the White Trash and Lido Festival in Berlin, the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart, the Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona, ​​the Backstage Club in St. Petersburg and the Secret Garden Party in Great Britain, but also tours in Italy and Portugal. In 2013 Opera Chaotique participated in the tours of the bands Nouvelle Vague and Tiger Lillies.
Linto Organisation/ Level B
November 18 & 19 2016
Time: 21.30
Reservations-Info: 2410532693 &