Wednesday 01 July 2015

Close-up, 5 monologues by George Maniotis

The Theater Workshop of Yp'atmon Theatre presents the play Close-up; 5 monologues by George Maniotis for only three performances on Linto Organisation Stage (Level B).
In the theatrical universe of George Maniotis the oppressive family mechanisms, molded in the face of the Greek mother/wife/daughter create castrated citizens.
The author, however, initially creates intimate, almost humorous faces, drifting the viewer into ingenuous identifications until the dead end of their existence is proven, denouncing the collective betrayal suffered by the postwar modern man.
It is an existential theatrical play, since mainly through monologues, it brings onstage a deep crisis of values, of accepted ideologies, social rules and behaviors that are first expressed as a personal circumstance, raising questions about the relationship of man with himself and thus with the social environment.
Behind a seemingly simple and accessible writing, an undeniable momentum is concealed that combines the social criticism with the relentless sarcasm but also with the caustic and therefore relentless, anguish.
We will be expecting you!
Direction / Teaching: Zoe Moukouli.
Cast: Despina Gkatzogia, Marietta Katsianou, Agapi Kolovou, Vagia Paliotzika, Vivi Papanikolaou.
For three performances on June 30, July 1 and July 2 at Linto Organisation, Hephaestus 2 (Level B, across the ancient theater of Larissa) at 9:30 in the evening.
Reservations: Tel. 2410-532693, email
Entrance Fee: 4 euro