Wednesday 05 October 2016

Theatre workshop by Yp'atmon Theatre

For the fιfth consecutive year the Theater Workshop of Yp'atmon Theatre announces the launch of acting courses for adults for season 2016-17. We invite all those interested to attend the upcoming meeting of the theatrical workshop on Wednesday October 5, 2016 at 21:00 on Level B of Linto Organisation.
The workshop will take place every Wednesday and Thursday from 21.00 to 23.00 in the premises of Linto.
Direction / Teaching / Management: Zoe Moukouli.
Early autumn, every October, the meetings of the newly formed group begin and their every lesson works on issues related to improvisation, movement, speech training and acting. In March and after the team has "bonded" we select the play that will be put on at the end of the season and the parts are accordingly distributed to all participants. At the end of each season, late June, the annual performance of the workshop is organized and presented to the public with the active participation of all those who attended the courses.
Information- enrollment: Linto Organisation Hephaestu Str. 2, Level A
Tel. 2410-532693, 6947520159
About the Workshop
Yp'atmon Theater was founded in 2007 by the actress Zoe Moukouli and the theatrologist/actress Theodora Moukouli. The group aims at searching and staging alternative performances in Larissa.
Plays that have been staged from 2007 to today:
Who discovered America?
Before the show
Tsechof, laughter or tears?
Agonies with curves
The theater Workshop of Yp’atmon Theatre was set up in 2012 and it concerns active people who are interested in spending their time creatively and qualitatively.
Since 2012 till today the following shows have been put on:
Who discovered America?
When Emilieus discovered Frikadela (kids theatre)
With force from Kifisia
The Ceremony
And the journey goes on …..
Led by the Director and Actress Zoe Moukouli
Zoe Moukouli was born and raised in Larissa. After finishing school she decided to leave Larisa and move to Athens in order to study at Veaki drama school.
For a year she was practising in order to sit the Ministry of Culture exams. At the same time she had tutoring acting lessons with the actress Anna Makraki. She was successful at the Ministry of Culture exam and set off the journey of learning.... She enrolled in George Theodosiades’s Drama School which she graduated in 2002 with excellent grades.
She also attended a series of seminars entitled Sound, Movement, Word by Korais Damatis. After the drama school her career in theater starts. She collaborates with various theaters in Athens and the Thessaly Theater. By then she had already founded Yp'atmon Theatre, the first professional theatre group in Larissa.