Friday 23 September 2016

"The Light of Words" by Mikael Delta

On Friday 23 September, 2016, at 20.30, "Panos Street" Publications and Linto Organisation present you "The Light of Words" by Mikael Delta, on Linto rooftop with free entrance.
Mikael Delta is one of those artists that will not rest on one form of artistic expression. He is a composer, a lyricist and a singer and now he is presenting us with his thoughts in a book which includes texts that express a different contemplation/ attitude towards life- personal views that spring not only by spiritual concerns but also his experiences. The "Light of Words" is an awakening book. But it won’t stop there. It’s a book of the truth he represents, about all his ambient senses, the agonies, the satisfactions, happiness, love and the continuance, in which words give a key point to things, declare an outcome through their composition, exist in order to specify a condition, bare a philosophy, a belief that is defined with clarity, power and affirmation. The Light of Words is an affirmation of life- a wave, a force of life in which words are its companion, they enforce it, they define it with specific principles, values, relations and combinations of meanings. In a manner of speaking free from deviations, formulating a reality whose superiority hides in the freedom it poses.
In 1992, Mikael Delta along with Constantinos Vita and Antonis Pi formed Stereo Nova, the best Greek group according to the British Mtv, which used to combine imaginative electronic compositions with innovative verse full of emotion, and unique, melodic vocals, causing a commotion to the 90s music scene. He follows a solo career after 1997 and his music gains an international perspective, cooperating with music companies from France, England, Belgium and Germany. Working abroad triggers further experimentation. In Greece, singer Tania Tsanaklidou takes his verse to another level with her soulful voice. She unexpectedly matches with the sounds of a contemporary, rhythmic and erotic universe. The singer unexpectedly suits the contemporary, rhythmic sensual music universe.
Life is now, Inner city lights, Blue emotions, The colour of the day, Vitamin Tech, headlong Pink, Skazi, Nepeta, Rainbow, Vulnerable, The down EP, Teach me away
In 2010 he was awarded by the Greek Cinema Academy for the Best Innovative Music Composition for the film Strella by Panos Koutras.
Mikael Delta with his music explorations and his introspection turns to new directions. Self-awareness and attempts of excess, the need of knowing the destination of life, are accompanied by conclusions, recommendations, words that mean/ mark/ define/ reflect a bright shape of reality. "The Light of Words" reveals the artist’s evolution- what he reaped, what was imprinted, what was an inspiration and formed a decision in Michalis Delta’s mind. It has been published by Panos Street Publications and has in six months had six publications.
The opening speech will be given by Martha Artapiridou, a European Culture Historian and an Art Curator. Modern Art exhibitions, thematic events about culture, text on artists and writers work, publications on art and presentations at academic conferences are some of her projects.
The publisher of Panos Street Publications, Giorgos Chronas, is a writer with an important and rich work and has published twenty four books with poems, prose and theater. Some of his books were translated in several languages. Giorgos Chronas presence in the Greek intellectual / artistic scene stands out for its consistency, devotion and offer in various cultural fields - with Greek Radio broadcasts in the Third Radio Programme for Manos Hadjidakis, then the Second, and finally the First (1981-1998) and again in the Third. He has cooperated with the HBC (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) as a TV shows editor for the book, 2015. Α hundred and twenty of his songs have been composed by Greek composers. Since February 1981 he has been publishing Panos Street Magazine, the homonymous publications as well as the Cigaretta Publications which has brought out 500 books up till December 2015. he was in charge of the publication of the insert called Library- A Pray Reserve, by Eleutherotipia newspaper (2009-2011). In 2011 he was awarded with the Kavafis Award and also in 2013 by the Municipality of Piraeus for his contribution to Piraeus Letters newspaper. At the moment he is directing the play My Name Is James Dean, which he has written himself and was published by Panos Street Publications in 1987. The play will be put on in November 2016 in The Michalis Kakogiannis Fundation, in Athens.
Speakers: Martha Artapiridou
Michalis Delta
Giorgos Chronas
The presentation is organised by :
Panos Street Publications
Linto Organisation
Projet- Organisation of Cultural Events/ Martha Artapiridou
Linto Organization/ Rooftop
Friday September 23, 2016
Time: 20.30
Info: 2410532693 &
Free Entrance!