Tuesday 12 July 2016

Cotes du Rhone- Private special wine tasting

In the springs of the Rhône glacier in the Alps rises one of the most famous rivers -synonymous to wine making- and vertically traverses France, pouring its waters in the Mediterranean Sea. In a unique mosaic with steep slopes, of granite soil and a characteristic continental climate, perhaps the best syrah in the world, along with the poetic Condrieu (Viognier), is produced.
Amazing Cornas, Cote Rotie, Crozes- Hermitage, Hermitage & Condrieu- are to be poured into glasses along with prestigious exclusive creations. In the south, the white pebbles and Mistral wind (strong NW wind) create a unique microclimate and add status to the regional wines (high in alcohol, warmth and of spicy character).
With Grenache and Cinsault dominating, Muscardin, Picpoul, and the white ones Roussanne and Marsanne, we will taste maybe the more stylish versions of the ​​Avignon area and also white and red uber-labels of Chateauneuf.
1. Fennel with roe and clams
2. Bouillabaisse with saffron and red pepper
3. Fish rolls in soy sauce
4. Goldblotch grouper on the grill with herbs and lime
5. Amberjack with red sauce in a smoked eggplant
6. AOC French cheeses with dates and breadsticks
Linto Organisation/ Rooftop
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Time: 21:00
Reservations-Info: 2410532693 & Info@linto.gr
** Due to limited seating there will be a first come first served basis.