Thursday 07 April 2016

Cesar Latorre Trio

The Cesar Latorre Trio is going to appear on Linto stage on Thursday, April 7, 2016, at 22:00. Cesar Latorre, a Spanish pianist and composer who lives in London, is coming to Greece on tour and working with two of the most important young musicians of Greek jazz, Arion Gyftakis (contrabass) and Anastasis Gouliaris (drums) to present us with their latest project "Collage". Together they form a trio that is characterized by expressive and improvisational freedom. The pictorial use of the title "Collage" aptly describes Cesar’s compositions, in which many influences are mixed.
In Cesar Latorre Trio plus music coexist moments that remind us of Bill Evans and a wide variety of different rhythms ranging from hip hop to rock, while not lacking moments of extreme sensitivity and tenderness.
* The discount-package ticket that applies to all four live April events, can be obtained from Linto Secretariat on weekdays 10.00- 22.00, and on Saturday 11.00- 18.00.
Linto Organisation/ Level B
Thursday, April 7, 2016
Time: 22:00
Reservations/ Info: 2410532693 &