Friday 18 March 2016

April & Jazz

Closing the Jazz Circle appearances on the stage of Linto in view of the summer and given the chance of the International Jazz Day (30 April) we dedicate the whole of April to our favourite music and we present you with top musicians and bands of a remarkable and dynamic presence . Specials, vinyl nights and improvisations will complete this project. The apparently intended approach to this genre finds a succor and a worthy supporter in you all whose support and massive attendance push us to seek, select and present the best possible proposals. Thank you and we may continue doing so.
PS. 1. Take advantage of and help us in the organizational part, gaining a monthly ticket (25 euro) for all performances and evening events. Also, book individual events either by telephone or via email to avoid the hassle of last minute booking.
PS. 2. We would like to inform you that during the summer there will be opportunities to enjoy musical evenings and important performers, under appropriate conditions, in the garden or on our terrace.
Linto Organisation/ Level B
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