Friday 04 March 2016

Mavrotragano - Private tasting

A few years ago this red variety with black and crispy berries- characteristics by which the Mavrotragano is named after- participated extensively in sweet wines of Santorini lists, while being in danger of extinction. Under the shadow of Assyrtiko and Vinsanto, it has always struggled to survive in the not too hospitable environment of Thera.
Now it has finally become one of the most talked about varieties for the production of red wine and the future of Mavrotragano looks more promising than ever, combining exoticism and uniqueness in a special combination!
t took a lot of work in the winery in order for the oenologists to bring its wonderful aromas to surface, which resemble premium Latin America coffee with strong tobacco notes and sweet ripe red fruit. They toiled a great deal to soften the intense tannins and keep the volume and minerality in the mouth that the Mavrotragano Santorini gives.
Although we believe that it still has a lot to offer as a variety both wine wise as well as a complete red wine, early results have shown it has great resistance in time and an intense complexity.
Its origin from the island boosts its marketing while the small cultivated areas justify the rarity and perhaps the pretty penny price.
As the best food accompaniment we would suggest strong- flavored cheese and red meat in strong sauces. For this reason, we will accompany it with Greek insular gruyere and beef in a pot with spices and finished with Mavrotragano.
*Limited seat number
Entrance: 25 euros
Linto Organisation/ Level A
Friday March 4, 2016
Time: 21:00
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