Tuesday 02 December 2014

Wine-education# 01 Wine Foundation

Linto Organisation/ Level B
Wine-education Training Program/ Workshop
December 1 & 2, 2014
Klimax in cooperation with Linto invites you to the 1st Wine-education Training Program/ Workshop on "A Trip to Tuscany" and the head sommelier of Cellier and GENKA and also the wspc professor Mr. Nick Loukakis as a guest speaker.
Monday, December 1, 2014, Time: 16.00- 20.00
Printed material/ notes will be handed out
Brief description of the program
The main categories and styles of wine
The systematic approach to tasting
The main characteristics of the main wine varieties
Food- wine combination
20.00- 24.00
A trip to Tuscany
Closed horizontal wine tasting of the Tuscany region, with different delicious and typical characteristics
Speech- conversation- dinner
Tuesday, December 2, 2014, at 16.00- 20.00
Fundamental Principles of sommelier
Introduction to sommelier
Skills required for customer service
How to properly handle and care of the main equipment for the wine service
Selecting and serving wine- transfusion
How to store wine
* Those interested can register at Klimax or via email at info@klimax4.gr, info@linto.gr up to Saturday, November 29th.
The cost for the 8-hour training program amounts to 18 euro and participation in the event "A trip to Tuscany" in the amount of 20 euro. The number of participants is limited and thus a strict first-come, first-served practice will be followed.