Saturday 13 June 2015

Constellations Ι

On Saturday June 13th Linto Organization & Klimax, Dimitris Tasoudis & Christos Barbas with percussion, woodwinds, a piano and aerophones invite you to:

Level B/ Linto Organization
Music and improvisation workshop!
at 19:00- 21:00
Linto Rooftop/ Linto Organization
at 21:30- 00:00
A 6 hour-seminar on music and improvisation with Chris Barbas and Dimitris Tasoudis. The workshop is open to musicians and non-musicians, to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and experience in listening, playing and creating music, but also to anyone who would like to spend their Saturday creatively.
In the workshop there will be a few available instruments (and you can bring your own if you play). Through discussion, practical exercises and a lot of music we will broach topics such as improvisation, freedom, composition, rhythm and melody, silence, creation and teamwork.
Other key words:
Flow, multi-rhythm, multi-meters, a lot, a little, minimalism, monologue, see, hear, critical listening, sound, noise, innovation, simplicity, new simplicity, listen, playing before listening, question, answer, metric modulation, variation, layering, musical applications on iPad, loupes.