Monday 15 June 2015


Babel travels in June too and awaits all boys and girls in a musical comedy in an air-conditioned room of Linto.
In this children's show we are presented with a bookbinder’s sweet dream for the salvation of the earth due to friendship. The scenery consists of two suitcases/books that open and reveal beautiful stories. The Woodworm and its godmother, the Captain and the Cook are the show stars.
The show is accompanied by beautiful sounds of the musicians S.Kavallieratos and M.Mpotsios live on stage. During the performance we listen to seven songs whose lyrics will have previously been handed out to all children.
Entrance fee for boys and girls is 5 euro (the programme and juice included).
Daddies, mommies, grandpas, grandmas and so on: 5 euro
Linto (Level B) across the Ancient Theatre
Reservations and Scheduled Performances at:
tel. 2410532693 (business hours) or email:
*The reservation is valid up to half an hour before the beginning of the performance.
Babel, a global village
to infinity small little ball... to be continued in the dream...
• Text - direction - Lyrics: Vasilis Ch. Giavris
• Background - Puppets: Irene Kaisoudi - Ziavliaki
• Music: Spyros Kavallieratos
• Babel Music: Michalis Botsios