Wednesday 20 January 2016

"Borrowed Shoes"

A handmade musical that was made, mainly following emotional associations and is formed according to instinct, space, place and guests coming onto Linto Stage on Tuesday, January 5, 2015, at 21.00.
Christina Maxouri "borrows" old and new tunes (Vamvakaris, Tsitsanis, Theodorakis, Loizos) and performs a cappella, next to Manos, Livaditis, Nikolakopoulou texts, in a handmade and "home" concert, aiming at abolishing the distance between audience and performer.
"Borrowed Shoes" was first presented in December 2013, and since January 2015, it has been traveling in Greece and abroad.
Currently it is presented in Athens by Fotis Siotas at the violin and the viola and Sofia Euclidou at cello, at the Television Control Center in Kypseli.
When conditions are appropriate, it acquires fellow travelers from the broader field of music. Participants of "Borrowed Shoes" there have been so far, the radio producer Olga Laskaratou, the songwriters Phoebus Delivorias, Nikos Xidakis, Apostolos Rizos, Matoula Zamani, Maria Papageorgiou and Alexandros Emmanouilidis and the musicians Electra Miliadis, Panos Labropoulos, Pavlos Melas, Spyros Bolovinis and John Andrianakis.
Some of its reviews:
"Charismatic creature Christina is. Co-floating inner chordes- a unique interpretative sensibility and an emotional immediacy. In a friendly, cozy atmosphere.'' George Sarigiannis, The Fourth Bell (14/05/15)
"A small ritual with intermediate humor, without anything labored. A feather that caressed our hearts. In conclusion, magic is somewhere near as long as you let it touch you." Aristea Giannou, (12/02/15)
"Each song is a little performance. Reminding us of the time when those in love had serenades and the insurgents sang lyrics". Zoe Nicholaou, MusicCorner .gr (04/02/15)
"Not much is required on stage, not even a fancy stage causing distance and apotheosis when by merely opening your mouth and sing you are able to create such magical places. It is that so special timbre of her voice that gives you the feeling that she will burst into an unbearable sob. And yet she controls herself, because such artists are made of durable material.” Asteropi Lazaridou, To Vima (24/01/15)
"Collectable representations of those you feel, live and carry within you." (13/01/15)
"The question in all this range is that the "hostess" is judged by the level, the detail of her criterion, because she has proposed a choice very carefully structured both in style, and in the power of storytelling. Besides, this is what she has mostly managed to do. To tell a wonderful story with a strong personal element, in which "hers" become "ours." Sotiris Bekas, MusicPaper (30/12/13)
More information about the "Borrowed Shoes" tour and its to date course and composition you may find at
Linto Organisation/ Level B
Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Time: 21:00
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