Thursday 24 December 2015

"Campos" Quartet

The musicians of the quartet "Campos", Roula Picoula (vocals- percussion) Dimitris Tsilikopoulos (guitar) Kostas Tamvakas (guitar- kavakinio-mandolin) and Petros Pappas (flute), four friends with different musical backgrounds, who at some point thought that, instead of chatting about their musical preferences, they should play them.
The result of this dialogue is a musical flashback to the four corners of the horizon, with songs-some famous while others less known-being the vehicle. One by one they collected those songs that when in unsuspeted time encountered them, it was impossible to let go. Thus, they gathered with the desire to explore this crop, to slowly make it their own and then share it with friends.
One-of-a-kind afternoon live concert!
We traditionally celebrate the Five Years of Klimax in the street with abundant, fragrant Gluhwein and sincere greetings!
On Christmas Eve, Thursday, 24/12/15 at 14:00.