Saturday 05 December 2015

Night Local Wine, vol IV

We test the new bottling and analyze the extroversion of Thessaly people!
The wine institution of local producers will this year take place in a unique wine event. Six recognized fields in the area present us with of old and new crops in the form of exhibition, with music and gastronomy in the Klimax Garden.
Recognizing the extroversion of our people and the great work from the vineyard to the bottle, we discuss the new facts concerning the wine and the future of the sector.
In a celebration for the city, we cook, eat and entertain friends in the street with the favorite local fields. The evening will be musically endorsed by Christos Papahristos and Spyros Pappas live.
Hosted Wineries:
Dougos Winery
Zafirakis Winery
Katsaros Winery
Karipidis Winery
Papras Winery
Milea / L. Karipidis Winery
Time: 21.00
Participation fee: € 10
* Reservations/ Info: 2410532693 &