Thursday 26 March 2015

Bird on a wire

The Canadian Leonard Cohen is one of the greatest songwriters in the history of rock music and at the same time a gifted poet and writer. His songs seem to have been born in moments of silence, him meditating, reminiscing memories and passions, seeking the deeper meaning of existence, and -although low key- having an internal volume and a flow that fascinates ... his music, delicate and hypnotic, always serves this feeling of sweet melancholy and monastic charm his lyrics carry...
Semeli Tagaras along with Kostas Maginas and David Lynch visited again the magical world of Leonard Cohen, this time using numerous timbres and effects, and attempt a modern and innovative approach to his music, conveying it in an electric, expressionistic, almost experimental way...
An audiovisual show
The musical part will be complemented by the simultaneous viewing of short films and videos by the art director Spyros Tsiftsis, viewing of lyric of Cohen’s poetry and photos, along with theatrical lighting and reciting verses, when at the same time musical improvisations will bring together the selected Cohen's songs as musical bridges, that will be heard in the solely musical part of the evening.
- Semele Tagara: voice, guitar, loops
- David Lynch: tenor-soprano saxophone, flute, percussion
- Kostas Manginas: guitar, loops, fx
- Spyros Tsiftsis: Video – Direction
Thursday, March 26, 2015
Linto Organisation/ Level B
Time 21:30, Entrance Fee: 10 euro
For the music night reservations are essential, as a first come, first served practice will be applied.
Those interested can register over the phone: 2410-532693 or via email at